Kanapaha Church 
Rooted in History + Relevant for Today
I'm writing to invite you to worship this Sunday 5/13 at KPC! Worship begins at 9:30 am and, as some of you have requested/suggested,  the sermon will address the question, Why Go to Church? Following worship, all are invited to a sub sandwich lunch in Memorial Hall. Suggested donation is $5 per person. Donations of dessert and/or drinks appreciated. During this time of fellowship, we will be hearing from those who participated in the Jamaica/Presbytery of St. Augustine  Mutual Missions 2016 youth and medical/dental trips. We also have the joy of  hearing from our guest, Ms. Shulan Allen, who is visiting from Jamaica and served as a dental hygeniest for the June 2016 trip. 
Fellowship Elder, Kim Walsh-Childers, would like to know how many from your family/friends may be coming to make sure we have enough food. You can either email Kim directly at kbwc@cox.net or respond to this email. 
Come as you are:  either in your Sunday best or  in your jeans. Come early; come later . . . just come! Church is better when YOU are there!
5/2 Barnies 8 am, Presbytery Stated Meeting, 9:00 am, MPCC,
5/4 Thursday Morning Bible Study, 11:00 am
5/7 4th Sunday of Easter, Lord’s Supper, Confirmation Class, 10:45
5/9 Tuesdays @ Barnies 8-9 am, Reserved Use Memorial, 6-9 pm
5/11 Thursday Morning Bible Study, 11:00 am.
5/12 Reserved Use of Memorial, 10-Noon
5/13 Reserved Use of Memorial, 2-8pm Wedding Reception
5/14 5th Sunday of Easter; Lunch w/Program on Jamaica Mutual Missions
5/16 Tuesdays @ Barnies w/Pastor Dawn, 8-9 am, Stated Session, 6 pm
5/18 Thursday Morning Bible Study, 11:00 am
5/19 Reserved Use of Memorial 3-5pm,
5/20 Reserved Use of Memorial, 4 pm Wedding/Reception
5/21 6th Sunday of Easter w/Lord’s Supper
5/23 Tuesdays @ Barnies w/Pastor Dawn, 8-9 am
5/25 Thursday Morning Bible Study
5/28 7th Sunday of Easter; Confirmation; Grad Recognition
5/29 Memorial Day—Church Office Closed
5/30 Barnies w/Pastor Dawn, 8-9am