Reverend Dr. Dawn M. Conti


From The Pastor:

A Thoughtful Faith


Have you heard of the “nones?” No, I’m not talking about the Mother Teresa or other women of the habit (I really am a better speller than that!). Religious “nones” are the segment of the American population that claim to be either atheists, agnostic, or those who describe their religion as “nothing in particular.” The number of “nones” is growing. About half of current religious “nones” who were raised in a religion (49%) indicate that a lack of belief led them to move away from religion. This includes many respondents who mention “science” as the reason they do not believe in religious teachings.

One of the hallmarks of the Presbyterian faith is its emphasis on education and study. Presbyterians belong to a faith tradition that loves and honors God with both the heart and the head. We believe that we come to know God through our emotions and also our intellect. A strength of our faith tradition is that we never ask anyone to check their brain at the church door.

Beginning the second Sunday after Easter, a new sermon series, titled, A Thought-Full Faith will begin. This series will grapple with thought-full questions God’s people have about faith.

The first two sermons of this series have been planned and I am prayerfully discerning remaining topics for the series. The first, titled, “Faith Seeking Understanding,” focuses on the role doubt plays in faith development through the story of doubting Thomas.  The second sermon focuses on faith and evolution. Do you have ideas to share for this sermon series or another? Please let me know; I want to hear them. Preaching belongs to the whole people of God!

This sermon series is meant not only for “nones” but also for anyone who wants to more thoughtfully grow in their faith. Literature promoting the series will be available on Palm Sunday.  I hope you will pick some up, carry it with you, and share it with others when inviting them to church.

Thoughtfully and prayerfully yours,


Pastor Dawn