Reverend Dawn M. Conti


From The Pastor:


Have you taken the Angels in the Wilderness Challenge? During the season of Lent, the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter (not including Sundays), you have an opportunity to be somebody’s angel. Angel, in the Greek, simply means messenger. Angels, in the Biblical sense, are messengers of God’s Good News, that is, God’s unmerited favor (grace), peace, justice, forgiveness, and acceptance.


While Jesus was in the Judean wilderness after he was baptized and before he began his three year earthly ministry, the Gospel writer Mark tells us that the angels were with him for the entire 40 days. Throughout our own lives, we can find ourselves in wilderness places in life. Sometimes that wilderness is the wilderness of debt or grief, or illness or regret, or the unknown. Perhaps you are beginning a new chapter in your life such as starting a new job, experiencing an empty nest, or entering into retirement.


The wilderness associated with changes like these can be stressful as we seek to discover the new thing that God is doing in and through us. If you, or somebody you love is in a wilderness, remember that God doesn't leave us there alone. God who sent angels to care for Jesus still is in the business of sending angels to care for us. When we find ourselves in wilderness places of life, rather than getting consumed with and stuck in our own situation and circumstances, why not ask God whose angel you might be?


Each of us has the opportunity to follow in Christ’s footsteps who is the one who came “not to be served but to serve” by being a messenger of God’s Good News. When we serve each other, we not only

demonstrate God’s love for them, we also demonstrate our love for God. So this Lent, I invite you to take the Angels in the Wilderness Challenge at Kanapaha Church. It’s easy and fun!


Simply do at least one anonymous random act of kindness during Lent. Or you may choose to do one anonymous random act each week of Lent or every day of Lent. I’m guessing the more you do, the more you will want to do. Some ways to be an angel might be to pay a stranger’s co-pay at the doctor’s office, give an anonymous gift card for groceries or gas, put money in a parking meter that has expired. You may also go to for other ideas.


After you've delivered God’s Good News through a random act of kindness, record what you did on a piece of paper (without giving your name), and place that piece of paper in either one of two vases marked “Angels in the Wilderness” on the narthex table or on the pass-through in Memorial Hall, or slip it in the mailbox found to the right of the double doors on McCormick Hall. Then be sure to come to the Easter morning breakfast where all acts of kindness will be read out loud, celebrated, and dedicated to God’s glory! Now get busy, there are only 32 more days of Lent remaining and God needs YOU to be an Angel!


In the boundless love of Christ,


Pastor Dawn