Reverend Dr. Dawn M. Conti


From The Pastor:


What a blessing it was to serve as the chaplain to our Presbytery’s annual Jamaica Ecu-menical Mutual Mission (JEMM)/St. Augustine Presbytery

Medical/Dental mission team.  This 35 year old partnership has resulted in the following annual mutual missions:

  • Medical/dental trip
  • Youth exchange,
  • Dental/housing trip
  • Two adult exchanges.

Arriving on Sunday, June 13th and serving through Friday, June 18th, the 18 member 2016 mission team served 866 patients (medical and dental com-bined). This service was based in two different churches in the Manchester district of Jamaica. Even so, many patients seeking treatment had to be turned away. We need a larger team of doctors, nurses, dentists and dental hygienist to participate in coming years. If you have these talents, I strongly urge you to consider becoming a part of the 2017 medical/dental mission team.

In my role as chaplain, I was responsible for providing a daily morning devotion, participating in the morning devotion at work sites (when invited by the pastors of those churches), praying for the group, being available to aid the team members at the work site by facilitating traffic flow of patients, helping the pharmacy as needed, answering patient questions, and helping to set up and take down the work sites. In my time there, I was impressed by the hospitality of the Jamaican people, their openness and the over-whelming gratitude for the presence of the mission team.

Highlights: Blessings & Insights

1. Blessing: A renewed attitude of gratitude! After being in Jamaica, I have a renewed sense of gratitude for who I am, where I live, and all of my blessings! All doors and windows in Jamaica have bars over them. There were guard dogs outside both of the hotels where we stayed and these hotels were very nice places!

2. Insight: Everyone should participate in a mission trip annually. There is no better faith formation exercise. I am currently urging the session to start planning for a 2017 mission trip which could involve many church members. One such mission trip that we have participated in the past and which is well organized is ASP (Applachian Service Project). This mission is dedicated to making homes warmer, drier and safer and serves some of the most poverty stricken children of God in the USA.

3. Blessing: Meeting Shulan (think Mulan) Allen.  Shulan is a 28 year-old Jamaican dental hygienist who worked on the team. She is currently going to school to earn her master’s degree in Dental Nursing and scheduled to complete her coursework in November 2016. She has never been out of Jamaica and is the first of five children in her family to go to college.  Shulan is hard-working and smart. I invited her to visit Florida. Several members of the team offered to help host her if she is able to visit. Perhaps KPC would also like to be involved in supporting her.

Please mark your calendar for a church Dinner and Presentation (see page 9) of this trip as well as experiences of Elizabeth Walker and Sam Claus who will be participating in the youth exchange in July. It will be held on Wednesday, July 27th at 6 pm.

In the bond of faith and the love of Christ,

Pastor Dawn