From The Pastor:

Rev. Rhonda Link-Cummings

In the Midwest; October is the month that the fields are harvested and the fields are prepared for the Winter.

Harvest Home Sunday is usually celebrated on the last Sunday of October when the fruits of the farmer's labor are celebrated within the life of the church. Praise and thanksgiving are given to God for the product of the fields.

The book of Revelation also talks about the harvest as well.

May we look at our own lives during the season of the harvest and see how we reflect God's goodness and harvest. What are the fruits of our labor and the fruits of the church? The Church is the place of the Harvest and to praise God for all of the bounties of our lives. 


In peace,

Pastor Rhonda




December, 2017:

The Rev. Rhonda Link-Cummings, will be KPC’s part-time interim pastor. Some of you are familiar with her as she was a Guest Preacher in October. Rev. Link-Cummings resides in Ocala, and has served many churches in the Presbytery of St. Augustine during the past 22+ years.

She received her M Div in 1982 from Christian Theological Seminary, Indiana, and a MS in Education and Counseling from Butler University in Indiana. She is a member of the Florida Youth Soccer Board of Directors, and has been a referee for many years. Rhonda’s husband Alan is the pastor of the Silver Springs Shores Presbyterian Church in Ocala for the past 23 years. Rhonda and Alan have 3 adult children, Steven, 30, Chris, 29 and Rebecca, 25.

It is with grateful hearts of thanksgiving that we welcome Rev. Link-Cummings to preach God’s message.