From The Pastor:

Rev. Rhonda Link-Cummings

Dear All,

The Pastor Nominating Committee of the Kanapaha Presbyterian Church has begun it’s task in the search for an installed pastor of this church. They will be asking each member to fill in a survey in the next few weeks. The PNC has a very large task in front of them. They are meeting weekly. The next step of the PNC will be to answers the questions of the Ministry Information Form, which are questions about the church and what the Church wants in their next minister.

Please be in prayer without ceasing for this Committee and their Call by God to serve.




December, 2017:

The Rev. Rhonda Link-Cummings, will be KPC’s part-time interim pastor. Some of you are familiar with her as she was a Guest Preacher in October. Rev. Link-Cummings resides in Ocala, and has served many churches in the Presbytery of St. Augustine during the past 22+ years.

She received her M Div in 1982 from Christian Theological Seminary, Indiana, and a MS in Education and Counseling from Butler University in Indiana. She is a member of the Florida Youth Soccer Board of Directors, and has been a referee for many years. Rhonda’s husband Alan is the pastor of the Silver Springs Shores Presbyterian Church in Ocala for the past 23 years. Rhonda and Alan have 3 adult children, Steven, 30, Chris, 29 and Rebecca, 25.

It is with grateful hearts of thanksgiving that we welcome Rev. Link-Cummings to preach God’s message.

A Letter from Former Pastor, Dawn Conti 
August 6, 2017
Dear Members and Friends,

When I first came to Kanapaha Presbyterian Church I was welcomed with open arms. Since that time we have shared 14 wonderful years together. Throughout this family of faith has supported, loved, and nurtured me, helping me to grow into the pastor I am today.  My ministry at KPC has been a tremendous gift not only to me, but also to my family. When I was invited to serve as your Pastor in May of 2003, I was convicted of God’s call. Now I believe God is calling me to serve another church. KPC will always hold a special place in my heart and I am deeply grateful for the ministry I have shared with all of you. I am confident that our faithful Shepherd, Jesus Christ, whose loving hand has been on this church for over 150 years, is in the midst of calling your next pastor.
You may be wondering what this will mean for Kanapaha Church. Below is a timeline that will serve as a guide through this time of transition:
(1)   The session has called a congregational meeting for 8/20/17 immediately following worship. The purpose of this meeting will be to dissolve my call as Solo Pastor to Kanapaha Church, effective four weeks from today on September 3, 2017 after worship.
(2)   I have made provision for pulpit supply for the four Sundays following my resignation. The Rev. Dan Graham, will fill the pulpit September 24 and the Rev. Fairy Caroland, will fill the pulpit on September 10, 17, and Oct 1.
(3)   An Interim Pastor Nominating Committee will be appointed by the session. (An Interim Pastor’s role is to get the church ready for the next installed Pastor.) Presbytery Clerk, Sandra Hedrick, and the Moderator for the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry, Kristie Hall, will guide the session through this process.
(4)   I will be taking four weeks off before beginning in my new call as Pastor: Head of Staff for the First Presbyterian Church of St. Petersburg on Monday, October 9.
With deep appreciation and love,

Pastor Dawn