Reverend Dr. Dawn M. Conti


From The Pastor:

Hows Your Prayer Life?

The fastest way I know of to get people to avoid making eye contact in a church meeting is to ask for someone to pray. If you are less than confident and/or satisfied with your prayer life, you’re in good company. The only thing the original disciples asked Jesus to teach them was how to pray! (Luke 11:1) In response, Jesus taught them what we now call the Lord’s Prayer. He also taught them (and us) how to pray through example.

For Jesus, prayer was a way of life. He drew away by himself in prayer (Luke 9:18) to be alone with Father and suggested those who would fol-low Him do the same (Matthew 6:6). Jesus took time to give thanks before eating (I Cor 11:24). Jesus prayed regularly before engaging in ministry whether it was before preaching (Mark 1:35), healing (11:41-42), choosing His disciples (Luke 6:12), or preparing for a great personal sacrifice (John 15-17).

Prayer, at its most basic level, is entering into conversation with God. Prayer is our lifeline to God, available 24/7 and opens us to the presence of the Holy Spirit who Jesus promised will “teach us everything and remind us of all that Jesus taught.” (John 14:20) What a gift; even so, like any discipline, we aren’t born knowing how to pray. We must learn and practice what Jesus teaches.

If looking for a way to jump start your prayer life, here are a few sug-gestions:

  • Set aside time or recommit to daily prayer.  Make time for telling God what you need, and then make time to LISTEN for the Holy Spirits teachings.              

  • Keep a prayer journal dating requests and answers so you can be  reminded of answerd prayer.
  • When stuck, try structuring your prayers using ACTS as an acronym:

           A- Adoration for God

           C- Confession (of the ways yoyu believe you've fallen short)

           T- Thanksgiving (for all God has done and is doing)

           S- Supplication (your prayer requests)

  • Keep at it! Remember to PUSH!


Perhaps you’ve stopped praying, because you haven’t received an answer. If so, be assured that God hears our every prayer and knows what we need before we pray. Indeed, the Holy Spirit is the One who  prays on our behalf with “groans too deep for words.” (Romans 8:26).  Prayer is always the answer because God always answers prayers.  If our requests are in line with the Divine Will, it will come to pass.  If you have been praying, but haven’t received an answer, don’t lose hope. Sometimes our Lord’s answer is “No” or “Wait”. Whether “Yes, No or Wait,” always means always, so keep praying as Paul says, “without ceasing.” PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS (P.U.S.H.) God will provide the strength to wait or the grace to accept what God wants for you instead. If the answer is “No”, remember that there is purpose even in that. God has a plan that is greater than any of us can imagine and that “No” may just be positioning you for a greater “Yes” ahead.

Jesus’ confidence in the power of prayer knew no bounds (Matthew 17:20), even in his deepest despair (Mark 14:36).  As we, by the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives, grow into the full stature of Christ, our prayer life will grow in confidence and fruitfulness. So keep on praying and watch what God can do.


In the boundless love of Christ,

Pastor Dawn