Reverend Dr. Dawn M. Conti


From The Pastor:

 Moving Forward . . . Unified Worship Service to begin September 25


As you know, after a five month period of discernment, which included prayer and discussion, the session unanimously approved starting one unified service in place of the two Sunday worship services currently offered. The session has put together the order of worship for this new service. In doing so, we listened to your feedback provided at the focus group discussions held on February 21 and March 6th and incorporated as many of the preferred elements of worship that you said were important to you in the new service. 


Some of those details include:

Weekly celebration of the Lord’s Supper

Prayers of the People will be voiced out loud or may be submitted in written form

All musicians from both services will participate

The service will begin a 9:30. A 15 minute time of coffee and fellowship will follow the service.

Sunday School will begin at 10:45 am.


This new service will begin on Sunday, September 25th In in the meantime, your session is busy taking care of the planning details in order to make this worship service the best that it can be.


In our planning, we have developed a “Wish List” of items we believe will be needed. This list is a work in progress. Some items may need to be added; some may need to be eliminated. All items on the list are non-budgeted items. We share this list and the estimated cost of each item in the hope that you may be moved to support this new service with your pocketbook as well as your prayers.


Marketing (advertisement) Costs 775.00

Projector/Screen/Installation Mount 2,637.00

Installation Cost 2,500.00

Pew Cushions* 3,450.00

Sound System (updated to accommodate multiple

Microphones, Mixer, and Labor) 2,000.00

Laptop 400.00

Total 11,762.00


*Please note that an alternative to purchasing new pew cushions by removing the buttons that make them uncomfortable and cinching pads to covers with thread is being investigated. If successful this would reduce total amount needed to 8,312. If you can thread a needle and tie a knot, your help will be greatly appreciated for this project. There may be other ways to reduce start up costs that we have not thought about. Please share any ideas you may have with a member of the session. For instance, if you have or know of someone who has expertise in installing projectors, who may be able to save the church some money, please let a session member know.


Kanapaha Church is a wonderful church and the session wants to see it grow in order to be faithful to our mission to grow in numbers and deepened discipleship. (Matt 28:19-20). We believe that our best chance to do that is by coming together in one service creating a critical mass to attract new members. Equally important will be for all to come together in unity to support the new worship service. Christ is counting on each of us to work for the common good of the Church.

In the bond of faith,

Pastor Dawn