Reverend Dawn M. Conti


From The Pastor:

Random Acts of Kindness


Dear Members & Friends,

On the first Sunday in Lent, I preached on Mark’s account of Jesus’ temptation in the desert. “He was in the wilderness for forty days, tempted by Satan; and he was with the wild beasts; and the angles waited on him.” (Mark 1:14). During the sermon that day, I reminded you that the word “angel” in the Greek, simply means messenger. I also encouraged all to be messengers of the Good News in the season of Lent by performing at least one random, anonymous act of kindness. Containers for collecting your written acts of kindness were placed in the sanctuary and in Memorial Hall. The plan was to share (without signing your name) what you had done to be an anonymous angel or messenger for one of God’s children and place it in the container. All acts of kindness were to be read at the end of Lent during the Easter Celebration breakfast.


About mid-way through the season, I became concerned. The containers had few pieces of paper in them. I wondered if I’d have any random acts of kindness to read, let alone celebrate with you on Easter morning. My worries were unfounded. If you were at the Easter breakfast, then you know, there were many varied and creative acts of kindness done in Christ’s name by God’s family at KPC. This congregation, which has the spirit of generosity and the Christian love, came through in a big way. God used so many of you as messengers of the Good News; so many were angels in someone’s wilderness. I’ve published them on the next page, if you’d like to read through them either for the first time, if you weren’t able to be at the breakfast, or for a second time. They are inspiring and creative.

As the teaching elder at Kanapaha Church, I proclaim the Good News each week using words. Each of us has the opportunity to pro-claim the Good News daily in word and in deed. There is no limit to the many creative ways God’s people, can proclaim the Good News. Although we focused on being messengers through random kind-nesses during Lent, my prayer is that we will continue to be on the lookout for opportunities to be another’s angel and share the Good News in this way year round. It is fun, brings joy, and is a hands-on way to experience that it is truly better to give than to receive.

Well done, good and faithful servants.


In the love of Christ,


Pastor Dawn