Kanapaha Missions
What we do at Kanapaha Church to carry on the work of Jesus Christ

       One Great Hour of Sharing:


For more than fifty years, Presbyterians have joined with Christians throughout the nation in supporting One Great Hour of Sharing, responding to Christ's love for all people by joyfully sharing that love with people in need. The refugee and the stranger have found food and safe shelter; those stunned by the aftermath of disasters have found relief and help rebuilding; and communities seeking to take control of their future have found partners in development. Presbyterians' gifts support the work of The Presbyterian Committee for the Self-Development of People, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, and the Presbyterian Hunger Program. The hundreds of millions of dollars Presbyterians have given over the last half century have enabled a powerful witness to the love of the One who came that all might have life more abundantly.

Allocation of gifts to the PC(USA)'s One Great Hour of Sharing offering. After deducting the costs of creating and distributing promotional materials (roughly 5%), the remaining undesignated gifts are divided among three programs as follows:

36% Presbyterian Disaster Assistance for disaster response and ministries with refugees and ministries addressing homelessness and affordable housing.

32% Presbyterian Hunger Program for ministries working to alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes, responding with compassion and justice to poor and hungry people in local communities, in the nation, and throughout the world.

32% Self-Development of People for partnerships with groups of people who are oppressed by poverty or social systems, who want to take charge of their own lives, have organized to do something about their own condition, and have decided what they need to do to produce long-term benefits for themselves.


Pentecost Offering

One of the four Special Offerings of the PC (USA), the Pentecost Offering was first received by congregations in 1998.  Its gifts provide nurture and hope to young members of God's family.  Congregations keep 40% of the Offering to support work on behalf of children at risk.  The General Assembly's share (60%) develops church leadership through faith-focussed ministries with youth and young adults and supports advocacy for children on a national level.

The Pentecost Offering is traditionally received on the Day of Pentecost (May 30th in 2004), but some congregations also receive it at another time as part of a children or youth emphasis Sunday.



Peacemaking Offering

Christians are called as Christ's people to be God's peacemakers as agents of reconciliation in families, individual lives, communities, churches, the international arena, and the whole of creation. Peacemaking is the human response to the divine gift of peacegiving. The Peacemaking Offering supports the peacemaking efforts of the church at every governing body level, and provides an opportunity to witness to God's gift of peace in the world.

In order to help the whole church respond to God's peacegiving in the world, 25 percent of the Peacemaking Offering is retained by congregations for their support of their own peacemaking ministry; 25 percent is used to support presbytery and synod peacemaking efforts; 50 percent is forwarded to the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program of the General Assembly, so that it can continue to provide assistance and resources for congregations and other bodies of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).


Christmas Joy Offering

A longtime Presbyterian tradition, the Christmas Joy Offering is one of the four special offerings designated by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to provide congregations direct ways of supporting specific causes that help those in need.

The receipts from the offering are distributed equally to the Board of Pensions for assistance programs and to the National Ministries Division of the General Assembly Council to support Presbyterian racial ethnic schools and colleges.

  The Board of Pensions Receives 50 Percent of the Offering  

Through the Board of Pensions Financial Assistance Programs, the Christmas Joy Offering recognizes the faithfulness of current and retired church workers by providing funds to help them through difficult times.

To help retired church workers and their surviving spouses, the board offers Income Supplements to raise incomes to a level where retirees can live modestly and continue to maintain their independence.

The Mutual Mission:  2 Cents a Meal in Jamaica

The Mutual Mission Committee thanks each church for continuing to support this special ministry with our brothers and sisters in Jamaica, and now Cuba. This ministry has touched many lives and will continue to touch many more because of your generous support. In addition to the Medical Team, Youth Exchange and Adult Exchange, there are other specialized projects in each region. Each region has a coordinator. These regional ministries take place in the form of Chicken Projects, Garden Projects, Heifer Projects and Goat Rearing. We also support the Mel Nathan Institute, which has male and female students training in electrical and auto mechanics programs.

The Two-Cents A Meal program is the way congregations, families, and individuals in the Presbytery of St. Augustine remember and support our sisters and brothers in mission in Jamaica.  

Simply put, you are a necessary bridge that fulfills the motto of Mutual Mission: “Hearts and Hands Across the Sea.”  Without your assistance, the hearts and hands of your congregation do not cross the waters to Jamaica.  You are the bridge. 

The Arbor House

Arbor House is Gainesville's Christian Maternity Home. The vision of Arbor House is to be used by God to help the members of the body of Christ provide emergency shelter, transitional housing, family support and counseling, and educational resources to pregnant teens and women in crisis. We also seek to provide discipleship opportunities for local church members as they provide outreach counseling and training in Christian family living.

Arbor House is a loving environment for pregnant women in need of a place to stay; regardless of race, religion, or financial status. We seek to help our residents discover the love of a family as well as the love of Jesus Christ.

What does Arbor House Provide?

  • A place to stay staffed by Christian people who care
  • Group and individual counseling by trained counselors as needed
  • Referrals to educational resources
  • Referrals to adoption resources (on request)
  • Instruction in nutrition and childbirth preparation
  • Assistance in applying for social service benefits from government agencies
  • Weekly Bible studies in the house as well as contacts with a variety of local churches

Arbor House is a private, non-denominational, non-profit maternity shelter, funded solely by contributions from churches and individuals.

Crop Walk - a festive, community event to raise funds in support of hungry people around the world. CROP WALK - a learning experience inviting walkers to reflect on their relative privilege, and exercise their hope toward a world that works for all.

The suggested activities in the TALKING OUR WALK series enhance the educational dimension of the WALK and in the process make it more fun! Feel free to mix and match activities or invent your own. Most of these ideas come from WALK organizers like you. While a few may take some preparation we've tried to follow three basic guidelines: simplicity, brevity, and playfulness. May your talk during the WALK lead to new insight, commitment and community!

Gainesville's Crop Walk will benefit Hunger Relief Worldwide, as well as Locally through Gainesville Harvest, Gainesville Community Ministries, and St. Francis House.

The Interfaith Hospitality Network of Gainesville

Head Lines: Gainesville Sun 

December 14. 2002 6:30AM
Shelter from the storm
Special to The Sun

Nearly every evening in Gainesville, one of 13 houses of worship converts its fellowship hall or classrooms into a warm, inviting place for homeless families and expectant women.

Volunteers bring cooked meals to serve guests, who arrive from school, work or from a day of looking for work. Coffee brews in the kitchen and there are sounds of laughter from children. 

These are the sights and sounds of the Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN), which provides shelter, food and transportation to homeless families with children.   



Contact us

National Interfaith Hospitality Network

The mission of IHN of Greater Gainesville is to mobilize community resources and local congregations to provide, thorough compassionate care, shelter, meals and case management to homeless families.

IHN of Greater Gainesville
P.O. Box 880
Gainesville, FL 32602-0880
Phone: (352) 378-2030
Fax: (352) 378-2720

National Coalition for the Homeless
Florida Coalition for the Homeless
Focus on families

Peaceful Paths of Gainesville Domestic Abuse Shelter

Domestic violence can take many forms.  It may involve physical aggression, verbal abuse, emotional manipulation, forced sexual activity, or financial control. Often abuse is not physical, but any abuse is still part of an indication of power and control and could lead to more aggressive actions in the future.  Violence in a relationship is not an isolated incident, but a pattern of behaviors designed to control another person.

Here are some things you should know:

  1. You are not alone.
  2. The abuse is not your fault.
  3. You deserve to live in a safe environment.
  4. There are resources to help.
  5. Hope can happen here.

You are not responsible for, nor do you deserve, any abuse that you receive, no matter what the circumstances.  If you are experiencing abuse in any form, you deserve the help and support of people who understand the reality of physical and emotional abuse.

Help is Available.

It may be very difficult to identify yourself as a battered woman, but it is an important first step.  No one has the right to hit you, threaten you, or harm your children.  Violence at home does not simply "go away".  No amount of care in your housekeeping, child rearing, or personal habits will halt the violence. It is not your fault.  If you feel trapped in an abusive relationship, call Peaceful Paths Crisis Line today at 352-377-8255 or 1-800-393-SAFE (7233).  Become informed about your rights and talk to the people who can support your decisions. 


The Willie Somers Memorial Fund

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The Missions Committee of Kanapaha Presbyterian Church is honored to serve and support these fine missionary efforts.  For more information, please make an inquiry to the Missions Committee Chair.