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The kerosene chandelier lights the evening service

Photo courtesy of Richard Lynch: This single kerosene chandelier was the main source of light for Kanapaha Church in the 1800's. It survives to this day, and is lit for Evening Services, of which we have two: Christmas Eve and Easter Eve. The chandelier is somewhat utilitarian in appearance, quite like those found in railway depots of the day. It contains most of its original fluted mirrors and other components. This lamp was originally designed to be conveniently accessed by hooking the loop in the bottom of the fixture with the use of a long-handled hook. The lamp would pull down on a cable traveling through the center pipe. Counterweights on a cable, and pullies along the rafter would retract it back to the ceiling when lamplighting was complete. Evidence suggests that the lamp was once allowed to retract uncontrollably, most likely without its glass lamps in place, causing the counterweight to gain enough momentum to crack the rafter when the cable hit the stop. Since that time, the cable has been clamped static, and a ladder is used to access the fixture. In a recently-discovered portion of Serena Haile's diaries, the following is written: November 1886: Friday 12th Still warm – putting up “Chandelier” at “Church” – all day there (young men & Mr S) Sunday 21st Beautiful morn – clouded up Mr Curry came, preached & returned to G. to dinner A Good Congregation – J & Amelia C, Callie M. down – a pleasant day – Used “Chandelier” 1st time at night “Prayer Meeting” 2/06