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Rev. Dr. A B Curry

Dr. A.B. Curry was the mininster of First Presbyterian Church in Gainesville, Florida from 1883 - 1895. In August 1883, the Reverend A.B. Curry of the Savannah Presbytery was installed as pastor. After leaving Gainesville, he became one of the outstanding ministers of the Southern Presbyterian Church. He was, at one time, Moderator of the General Assembly and, before his death in 1939, pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Tennessee, for more than thirty years. It was during his ministry that the old church [1st Pres. Church 1890-1954]was built. Dr. Curry resigned in 1895 to accept a charge in Birmingham, Alabama. The preceeding was an exerpt from the First Presbyterian Church of Gainesville Library Collection- Additionally, Reverend Curry laid the cornerstone of the New Kanapaha Presbyterian Church South Arredondo in July of 1886. The Kanapaha congregation had recently dismantled their 1858 structure at the Kanapaha Cemetery in favor of locating closer to the railroad. With Rev. McCormick, the founding minister having died in 1883, this marked an important moment in the history of the Kanapaha Church. 5/2005